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P&H Transportation MaintenanceP&H Transportation Maintenance

With the commitment to our customers, P&H Transportation, Inc., employs a full time maintenance staff with over 42 years of combined service and dedication. P&H Transportation prides itself on being proactive to the many potential problems that can arise in the transportation business. Our top priorities are safety, reliability and customer satisfaction. By requiring our fleet to pass a vigorous maintenance and safety inspection program, P&H can reduce down time and increase our efficiency that we can pass on to our customers. The maintenance staff does an excellent job to keep the fleet in safety compliance with CFR 49, state and local DOT regulations.

P&H Transportation is a full service shop to include being certified to perform annual tank inspections and 5 year testing on DOT tanks MC306, MC406 and MC331. P&H also offers maintenance service to outside customers, in addition to full tractor trailer service. P&H is a State of NH Certified Inspection Station.